Localization Specialist (EN)
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
G-bits Game
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Job Responsibilities

We are looking for a talented, passionate Localization Specialist to join our growing Localization team based in Shenzhen. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing, optimizing, publishing, and maintaining high-quality content across our games, marketing, and operations-related content, ensuring our English-speaking players have a seamless and positive user experience. Responsibilities: 1. Work collaboratively with developers and publishing teams to ensure English-speaking players have a seamless and positive user experience. 2. Support the localization team, including but not limited to transcreation of in-game content, editing in-game content, operations content translation/write-up/editing, marketing copywriting/editing/translation, development of the lore, game wrapping, scriptwriting, etc., and taking ownership for localization quality and accuracy. 3. Conduct in-game testing to ensure appropriateness and localization quality in-game 4. Stay on top of social media and media trends and assist in ideating and creating content for advertisement/social media platforms. 5. Set the overall linguistic style, lore, story/dialogue, adjustments, and other language-related particulars. 6. Prepare style guides, game guides, and other relevant information to be used by translators. 7. Oversee the overall translation/transcreation Process to ensure we have an appropriate balance between speed & quality. 8. Advise the project manager on time & the procedure needed to ensure quality translation.

Job Requirements

1. Native English speaker, fluent in English 2. BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience is required. 3. Three years of experience in localization, copywriting, content creation, script writing, journalism, or online marketing 4. Strong syntactic and semantic skills to confidently make critical decisions related to translation. 5. Detail-oriented with the ability to balance and manage multiple tasks 6. Excellent social listening, written and verbal communication, and creative direction skills 7. Passion for games, an experienced game player 8. Exceptional problem-solving, organizational, communications, interpersonal, presentation, and mentorship skills 9. Ability to improvise and adapt to feedback, and work under pressure

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1~3 years

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