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Complete seat design and development
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Nobo Automotive Systems Co., LTD
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Job Responsibilities

1. According to the customer's needs, formulate the open plan of seat design (including but not limited to layout, function, performance, cost, structure, etc.), and establish the design objectives of seat products; 2. Be responsible for the design of the layout, environment, regulations, refinement, reliability, comfort, and assembly of various parts (framework, electrical parts, foam, plastic parts, etc.) of the seat; 3. Responsible for completing the detailed design of relevant parts of the seat (from side a to 2D drawing); 4. Responsible for the preparation, verification, and problem rectification of technical documents in the whole design and development process.

Job Requirements

Work/project experience: at least 3 years of relevant working experience in seat design Knowledge requirements: 1. Understand the basic knowledge and common sense of vehicles; 2. Understand the seat product knowledge and the company's main supporting products; Skill requirements: ① Have certain English communication skills, master the complete seat workflow; Product knowledge; ② Be familiar with basic product knowledge, and understand design specifications, design standards, and test standards; ③ Master the necessary tools for design and development, and be able to complete the design and development of the complete seat and relevant R & D guidance documents according to relevant standards

Required Languages

Japanese, Korean, English, German

Job Details

Position type

Mechanical design and manufacturing


Unlimited experience

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