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General Manager
Full-timeNegotiableGermany - Germany
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Job Responsibilities

Manage the EU business

Job Requirements

Essen8al requirements: - Numerate and with na8ve German language skills. - High-level professional verbal communica8on skills. - More than 5-years’ experience of HCP prescrip8on-based marke8ng and/or sales. - More than 10-years’ experience of marke8ng and/or sales within one or more EU5 countries. - People leadership experience of more than 20 people over a con8nued period with evidence of team success. - Evidenced nego8ator and communicator with relevant German State and Regional en88es, German payers, Medical, Nursing and Scien8fic bodies

Required Languages

German, English

Job Details

Position type



More than 10 years

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